"Day four: We were crazed with starvation from three days with no food, but that is no excuse for what we have done... Day seven: I cannot face what I have become... Day ten: I hunger, but I am patient. Someone will come for me. And then I will feed again. "

Fuad's Journal(src)
2 Fuad the Cannibal c
Fuad the Cannibal, Terror of the Wastes was part of a group who was in the desert surrounding Caldeum. On the Howling Plateau, he and his group found themselves without food or water. After three days of starvation, they resorted to cannibalism, a practice that disturbed Fuad, as he wrote in his journal. By day 7, he still felt remnants of his old self. By day 10, he had given into his darker impulses. He hungered, but was confident that someone would come...

And someone did, and Fuad attacked. However, those he sought to feast upon slew him.[1]


Fuad appears in Act II of Diablo III, appearing in Fuad's Cellar, as a unique Brigand. He automatically attacks the player(s). Fuad has no special abilities.

Upon death, he drops Fuad's Journal.


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.

Fuad is likely a reference to the character of Faud Ramses from the 1963 film Blood Feast.


  1. Diablo III, Act II

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