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Full Plate Mail is a set of armor which protects the whole body and consists of a breast plate and several pieces of plate armor to protect the limbs. The joints were often laced with chain mail to minimize vulnerability while maximizing flexibility.

Full Plate Mail, unlike its Diablo II appearance, is the very best of the best of Body Armors, easily capable of reaching an Armor Class of 100+ with only aid from small attribute bonuses and nearly 200 AC thanks to one of the top class prefixes. It also falls victim to the misfortune of being the item with the highest Strength Requirement in the game. While that can be easily met by the more melee oriented classes, Rogues and Sorcerers must have enough of a Strength bonus from their equipment, or rely on lighter armors.


  • Armor Class: 60 - 75
  • Durability: 90
  • Requirements: 90 Strength
  • Price: 6500
  • Quality level: 25

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