Gabriel's Vambraces are Legendary vambraces in Diablo III, added in patch 2.3.0. They require character level 12 to use.

The unique affix effectively makes Blessed Hammer free to cast against foes that are few in number. If hammer hits no enemies, it does not refund any Wrath. Wrath is refunded if hammer disappears before dealing damage to less than 4 enemies. Only damage done by hammer itself counts: secondary blasts and splits (with respective runes) do not count.

Stats (Level 12)Edit

Gabriel's Vambraces

Gabriel's Vambraces
Legendary Bracers

  • 25-32 Armor


"Always seeking to improve the Crusaders’ efficiency, Akkhan’s Master Blacksmith Gabriel crafted these bracers to ease the strain of summoning the Blessed Hammer." — Rennold's Catalogue of Arms

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