Gargoyle Traps at first seem to be just statues. However, when one wanders close to it, it spits out Fireballs in every direction. These sentries are incredibly strong and durable and many warriors must destroy it with strong melee weapons. A suitable fire resistance should prevent heavy damage inflicted by these traps.

As Gargoyle Traps are non-living entities, Life or Mana cannot be stolen from them.

Gargoyle Traps are immune to Cold on both Nightmare and Hell difficulties.


Left behind by paranoid mages to safeguard their treasure troves from prying fingers, these enchanted sentries animate and emit fireballs at those who approach too closely. An interesting quirk of these guardians is that they are not activated by the proximity of the many monsters that roam the areas where they are found. This has led many sages to speculate that they may have been created even before mankind knew of the existence of Demons.

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