For other meanings of the term, see Gharbad.
1 Gharbad the Strong c

Gharbad the Strong, Baleful Impaler, is a Unique Blood Clan Mauler in Diablo III, spawning for The Revenge of Gharbad event. He is the ghost of Gharbad the Weak (a famous unique Goatman from the first game) possessing the body of an ancient khazra mummified warrior buried in the Ancient Pyre.

He spawns after players talk to him, but not before they destroy the dream catcher-like shamanic wards and kill the Spectral Khazra Shaman (who, most likely, was preventing Gharbad from taking over the mummy). Once Gharbad lives again, he gains very fast and damaging melee attack, as well as one random affix (Fast, Mortar, Extra Health). Killing him ends the event.

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