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Gharbad the Weak is a Flesh Clan Goatman and one of the strangest Unique Monsters in the original Diablo. He is encountered on Level 4.

Speaking to Gharbad will activate a quest, in which he offers a reward in exchange for his life. After several returns to him, Gharbad will claim his reward is too good for you and attack you.


First Encounter:

"Pleeeease, no hurt, no kill. Keep alive and next time good bring to you."

Upon Return:

"Something for you I am making. Again, not kill Gharbad, live and give good.

You take this as proof I keep word...

Nearly Done:

"Nothing yet! Almost done.

Very powerful, very strong. Live! Live!

No pain and promise I keep!


"This too good for you. Very powerful! You want - you take!"
Character: (after killing Gharbad)
"I'm NOT impressed!"


In late Act I of Diablo III, there is a chance that the nephalem will run into the ghost of Gharbad. He convinces the nephalem that he would share power with them if they helped him. This resulted in the destruction of some other goatmen ghosts, one of them being a shaman. After that, Gharbad attains flesh and bone, now looking as if he was a member of the Blood Clan. And just like he did so in Diablo, he turned against the nephalem, and was promptly slain.

Note* Killing Gharbad will unlock the achievement "Revenge Of Gharbard."


Resistances: None
Immunities: Lightning
Life: 120
Damage: 8-16

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