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For other meanings of the term, see Gharbad.

Gharbad the Weak is a Unique Flesh Clan Goatman encountered in Diablo I.


Gharbad is encountered on Level 4, in which he offers the player a reward in exchange for his life. After a couple of returns to him, Gharbad will claim his reward is too good for the hero(es) and attack him/her/them.


Resistances: None
Immunities: Lightning
Life: 120
Damage: 8-16


First Encounter:

"Pleeeease, no hurt, no kill. Keep alive and next time good bring to you."

Upon Return:

"Something for you I am making. Again, not kill Gharbad, live and give good.

You take this as proof I keep word...

Nearly Done:

"Nothing yet! Almost done.

Very powerful, very strong. Live! Live!

No pain and promise I keep!


"This too good for you. Very powerful! You want - you take!"
Character: (after killing Gharbad) "I'm NOT impressed!"

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