The Gleamscythe is a unique Falchion from Diablo II.

With an interesting assortment of properties, it is sometimes difficult to discern exactly who Gleamscythe is most appropriate to be used with. Although its damage output and Cold damage makes it seem to be intended for a physical fighter, the fact that it has no required Dexterity and a rather substantial boost to mana makes it also useful to spellcasters, simply for properties rather than battle.

Although its cold duration is not very long, its increased Attack Speed would hopefully make up for that. It should be remembered that the cold damage Gleamscythe does give is very small; the only use it has is to temporarily slow enemies. However, in Nightmare and Hell difficulties, where freeze times are cut, the cold damage Gleamscythe gives would nearly useless.

Like its name might imply, Gleamscythe gives a rather large bonus to Light Radius. This is not intensely useful for characters that do not use bows or spells, and can in fact be an impediment for close range fighters, allowing enemy archers or spellcasters to spot the character from further distances. Therefore, this, plus the fair boost to mana, are just two ways that a spellcaster could effectively utilize Gleamscythe better than a physical fighter. But no matter what use its put to, Gleamscythe is still relatively low level, and is overshadowed by other, more powerful unique swords.




One-Hand Damage: (14-18) To (27-34)
Required Level: 13
Required Strength: 33
Durability: 32
Sword Class - Fast Attack Speed
+60-100% Enhanced Damage
Adds 3-5 Cold Damage - 2 Second Duration
20% Increased Attack Speed
+20 Defense
+30 To Mana
+3 To Light Radius

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