Goatmen (a.k.a. Goat Demons) are a type of monster encounter in Diablo I.


Many Goatmen are found in the Catacombs area of the game. They are represented by the Flesh Clan, Stone Clan, Fire Clan and Night Clan, increasing in power in that sequence. These creatures are equipped with Morning Stars, and are separate from Goatman Archers in game terms.


Name Level Damage HP Resistance Immunity
Flesh Clan 8 4-10 30-45 None None
23 12-24 91-136 None None
38 22-46 123-183 None None
Stone Clan 10 6-12 40-55 Magic None
25 16-28 121-166 None None
40 30-54 163-223 None Magic
Fire Clan 12 8-16 50-65 Fire None
27 20-36 151-196 None None
42 38-70 203-263 None Fire
Night Clan 14 10-20 55-70 Magic None
29 24-44 166-211 None None
44 46-86 223-283 None Magic


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