"Long ago, five clans of the Umbaru tribe left the Teganze and ventured north. After their transformation into khazra, only a few elders were still able to use magic, and they passed it down to their cleverest children. These are the khazra shaman, and they rank among the most dangerous of their race."

Abd al-Hazir(src)

A Shaman of the Blood Clan

Goatman Shamans are a new subtype of khazra in Diablo III.


In combat, Shamans attack with their staves, if cornered, but prefer to cast spells from afar.

Moon Clan Shamans attack by launching erratically moving Frozen Orbs that explode for Cold damage on impact, hitting a large area and Chilling enemies within. 

Ice Clan Shamans are identical, but instead of Frozen Orbs, conjure fiery apparitions that travel forward, piercing through enemies and dealing Fire damage.

Both Ice and Moon Clan Shamans need roughly 2 seconds to charge their attacks, therefore they cannot fire it too often, giving player time to dodge the spell.

Blood Clan Shamans (Sorcerers) gain Fireball attack (does not explode, but deals much more Fire damage than Cold sphere) and Spell Shield. The latter allows protecting one allied unit (but not the Shaman himself), making that ally 95% resistant to all damage types except Physical for several seconds. Killing the Shaman ends the effect, but remember that several Shamans can shield each other.

Shamans are rarely alone, often being supported by ambushing Goatman Brutes and Impalers.

Uniques (Moon Clan)Edit


Moon Clan Shaman

Uniques (Blood Clan)Edit

"Though I have searched every corner of the Great Library of Caldeum, I can find no references to the true fate of the Blood Clan khazra. Some crumbling papers hint that they made a pact to serve the mythical Lesser Evils, but surely such a thing cannot be considered proper scholarship... can it?"

Abd al-Hazir(src)

Blood Clan Sorcerer

Uniques (Ice Clan)Edit

"The smell of wild Khazra is terrifying, but at least they are firmly in the world of flesh and blood creatures. The ice Khazra lack any scent at all, and this makes them seem not of this world."

Abd al-Hazir(src)


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