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Gold is a prefix that can appear on Magic Items, providing a moderate bonus to Attack Rating.


+81 to 100 to Attack Rating

Can appear on: Magic Items, Rare Items
Is available on: Circlets, Rings, Weapons.

Item Prefixes

+ Attack Rating — BronzeIronSteelSilverGoldPlatinumMeteoricStrangeWeird
+ Attack Rating vs. Demons — LunarArcadianUnearthlyAstralElysianCelestial
+ Attack Rating vs. Undead — ConsecratedPureSacredHallowedDivine
+ Attack Rating per level — Hawkeye
+% Attack Rating per level — Visionary

Jewel Prefixes
+ Attack Rating — BrightNickelTinSilverArgent
+ Attack Rating vs. Demons — Diamond
+ Attack Rating vs. Undead — Pearl

Charm Prefixes

+ Attack Rating — BronzeIronSteelFineSharp

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