Goldstrike Arch is a unique Gothic Bow.

Although its bonuses may seem lackluster, its enhanced damage to Demons and Undead pays off, as there aren't many enemies that are neither.

If upgraded, Goldstrike Arch is one of the best options for Bowazons in terms of damage output, along with the Faith Rune Word and Windforce.


D2-u-Goldstrike Arch

Goldstrike Arch
Gothic Bow

Two-Hand Damage: 30 to (150-175)
Required Level: 46
Required Strength: 95
Required Dexterity: 118
Bow Class - Slow Attack Speed
+200-250% Enhanced Damage
+100-200% Damage To Demons
+100-200% Damage To Undead
50% Increased Attack Speed
5% Chance To Cast Level 7 Fist of the Heavens On Striking
Replenish Life +12
+100-150% Bonus To Attack Rating

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