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The Gotterdamerung is a popular item with some builds, and exceptionally useful for melee fighters on levels without witches or mages.

It is often used unidentified, since the 60 Armor Class is by far the highest on any helm. An identified Gotterdamerung will reduce ALL resistances to 0% regardless of what other items are equipped; even counteracts the Constricting Ring. This is what makes the helm ultimately useless for levels facing Succubi or Mages... unless the player decides to use a stealth strategy consisting of equipping enough items with - light radius % to put it at 20%, and a great number of Scrolls of Infravision.

The name is German, and means "Twilight of the Gods." One of Wagner's best known operas used this title, which is a translation of "Ragnarok," the Norse religious version of Armageddon.

The helm is often referred to by Diablo I players as "Goddamnitsdark", in humorous reference to the extreme light reduction it mandates.

The Armor of Gloom seems to be linked to this item in that they both have the highest possible stats while reducing resistances to zero.



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