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"Seven is the number of the powers of Hell, and Seven is the number of the Great Evils."

The Greater Evils is a collective term used to describe the most powerful Demon lords controlling the forces of the Burning Hells. The Greater Evils comprise the three Prime Evils and four Lesser Evils.


Image Name Aspect Description
Tahameth 2

the Prime Evil

A seven-headed dragon composed of all darkness and vileness that Anu cast off itself before the universe was created. Not much is known about Tathamet but it is known that he was the only reason that The Burning Hells came into existence, also there is no record of him ever mating with another creature. Tathamet battled Anu, and when the two beings died the seven heads of Tathamet became the seven Great Evils. The three most prominent heads became Diablo, Mephisto and Baal, and the four lesser heads Azmodan, Belial, Andariel and Duriel. Tathamet's body meanwhile became the foundation for the Burning Hells.

Prime Evils

The Prime Evils comprise the Three - the Demon Lord brothers and absolute rulers of Hell:

Image Name Aspect Description

Mephisto - Dul'Mephistos (Odius)

the Lord of Hatred

Eldest leader of the Three, Father of Lilith and Lucion. Specializes in mid range lightning attacks.

Diablo - Al'Diabolos (Metus)

the Lord of Terror

Younger of the Three, strongest prime evil and main antagonist of the Diablo-series. Mostly long and mid range fire attacks.


Baal - Tor'Baalos (Excidius)

the Lord of Destruction The most insidious and ruthless of the Three. Usually considered to be single-minded. Specializes in all attributes. Considered the least intelligent among his brothers.

Lesser Evils

The Lesser Evils are second only to the Three:

Image Name Aspect Description
Andariel the Maiden of Anguish, (the Demon Queen) Twin sister of Duriel. Sent to guard the Rogue Monastery by Diablo himself. Specializes in mid range poison attacks.


the Lord of Pain, (the Maggot King)

Twin brother of Andariel. Though Duriel had his part in the Dark Exile, he has once again aligned with the Three. Sent to guard Tal Rasha's Chamber. Specializes in heavy melee attacks and uses ice as an aura.

Belial the Lord of Lies One of the leaders of the rebellion against the Three. Brother and rival of Azmodan. Uses unholy locust swarms for both phases of his fight with heroes: on the 2nd phase, he'll dig his massive claws into the ground, breathe huge gusts of fel locust flame and make fiery eruptions.
Azmodan the Lord of Sin One of the leaders of the rebellion against the Three. Brother and rival of Belial. Throws fire boulders, summons demon gates to call upon minions and call forth dark magic in a large area of effect. He is the greatest military tactitian in the Burning Hells.

Other Evils

Several other powerful demons are known by name, though it remains unknown what their exact status or standing is amongst the Greater Evils:

Image Name Aspect Description
Lilith Queen of the Succubi Daughter of Mephisto, Initially betrayed the forces of Hell by joining forces with Inarius, but later apparently rejoined their ranks.
Lucion the Leader of the Triune cult on Sanctuary Son of Mephisto, Was presumed to have been banished or slain by Uldyssian.
Izual the Betrayer of the High Heavens A powerful fallen angel, was the lieutenant of the Archangel Tyrael .
Rakanoth the Lord of Despair A powerful demon that was a servant of Andariel, actually serves Diablo in the invasion of the High Heavens.
Ghom the Lord of Gluttony Is a demon that serves Azmodan as a lieutenant. Appears during the invasion of Sanctuary.
Cydaea the Maiden of Lust Is a demon that is both Azmodan's wife and also serves as a lieutenant, appears during the invasion of Sanctuary.
Zagraal the Patron of Khazra Being responsible for their corruption. Zagraal was eventually slain by a band of Umbaru Witch Doctors.
Kabraxis Kabraxis

the Thief of Hope,

the Banisher of the Light,

Lord of the Black Road

Also known as Iceclaw the Merciless, Kabraxis is a powerful demon and known enemy of the Three.

For a list of minor demons, see "Demons"

Great Evils
Prime Evil — Tathamet
Prime EvilsBaalDiabloMephisto
Lesser EvilsAndarielAzmodanBelialDuriel

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