Greyscarr is/was a veteran demon hunter. He appeared to be dedicated to his cause, and instructed fellow hunters in the use of the crossbow, though he admitted to not particularly caring how more advanced projectiles may have worked. As long as they did their job, he was satisfied.[1]


Greyscarr is a background character in Diablo III, mentioned in quotes for demon hunter abilities.


  • "If it bleeds you can kill it. Kill this one slowly." From the Demon Hunter passive ability: Blood Vengeance
  • "Feel the weight of the crossbow in your hand. Now... the wind, the distance, the target's speed. Good. Now try it with blood in your eyes and a demon at your throat." From the Demon Hunter passive ability: Archery
  • "Every creature has a vulnerability. Find it, and put an arrow in it." From the Demon Hunter passive ability: Sharpshooter
  • "How should I know who first invented these devices? Just make sure the correct end is pointed at the enemy and they'll do the rest." From the Demon Hunter passive ability: Ballistics


  1. Diablo III: Demon Hunter Flavor Text

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