The Griffon's Eye is a unique diadem in Diablo II.

Its boost to skills, Cast Rate and Lightning damage makes Griffon's Eye particularly popular among Sorceresses that specialize in Lightning Spells, as well as Javazons who heavily rely on lightning skills.

The Griffon's Eye has an Ilvl of 84, meaning that it can only be found in certain areas of Hell difficulty. It is a very rare drop even in these areas. 



Griffon's Eye

Defense: 150-260
Required Level: 76
Durability: 20
+100-200 Defense
+1 To All Skills
+25% Faster Cast Rate
-15-20% To Enemy Lightning Resistance
+10-15% To Lightning Skill Damage
(Ladder only)
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.10 or later)

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