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Grim's Burning Dead is a unique Grim Scythe from Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

Appropriately, Grim's Burning Dead is a weapon meant for the herald of death, the Necromancer. With reduced requirements for Strength and Dexterity, a caster such as a Necromancer can use it with ease.

A notable benefit that Grim's Burning Dead possesses is its additional Fire Damage; when taken together with the reduction of enemy Defense and a good boost to Attack Rating, Grim's Burning Dead is a powerful weapon indeed.



Grim's Burning Dead
Grim Scythe

Two-Hand Damage: (72-84) To (168-196)
Required Level: 45
Required Strength: 70
Required Dexterity: 70
Durability: 55
Polearm Class - Fast Attack Speed
+140-180% Enhanced Damage
Adds 131-232 Fire Damage
+3 To Necromancer Skill Levels
-50% Target Defense
+20% Enhanced Defense
+200-250 To Attack Rating
Fire Resist +45%
Requirements -50%
Attacker Takes Damage of 8

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