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Gulag was a dimwitted but powerful minion of Baal. He was summoned by Lucion to assist him in casting a spell upon Lilith. Gulag appears in the first two novels of the Sin War series by Richard A. Knaak.


Gulag doesn't seem to have a more or less standard appearance like Astrogha. Instead, Gulag appears as a liquid mass of stone with only a huge gaping mouth on top. The stone mass can take the shape of a human, with only the mouth serving as a head.


Like his master, Gulag revels in mindless destruction.


During a showdown with Uldyssian, he was eventually overpowered by the farmer, who literally tore him to shreds. In the end, all that was left of Gulag was a stinking puddle. Gulag's personality is a maddened spirit bent on destroying everything in his path.


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  • Gulag is the term used for the infamous labour camps (originally an acronym for the agency that ran them) in the Soviet Union during Stalin's leadership.
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