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"I detest violence. Guards, I will leave this matter in your hands."

- Hakan II, ordering the death of Leah(src)

Hakan II
Hakan II
Title Emperor of Kehjistan
Gender Male
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Affiliation Kehjistan
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Status Deceased
Appearances Diablo III
Writings of Abd al-Hazir (mentioned only)
The Art of Diablo III
The Order (mentioned only)

Hakan II was the emperor of Kehjistan during the End of Days. He became the host of Belial in the mortal realm.



"I bring news. A seer has had a vision, one that will please you. There will be...a birth, in the cast! A boy emperor shall come to Caldeum!"

- One of Belial's servants(src)

The boy who would be called Hakan II was born in the mid-1270s. His birth, and role as future emperor of Caldeum, was noted by Belial's demonic servants. Sensing an opportunity, Belial made his plans...[1]

Within the mortal realm itself, the boy was born somewhere in Sanctuary's north, living an impoverished life. To the south, however, Kehjistan had lost its emperor. The Zakarum conducted a series of elaborate rituals (a charade for their followers) and declared that the youth was Hakan I's spiritual successor. Once the rituals were complete, the faith employed the Iron Wolves to retrieve the boy. They dubbed him Hakan II and installed him on the throne despite his scant years.[2] Kohin was a servant who cared for the infant, and continued to remain at his side.[3]

The Child EmperorEdit

As soon as Hakan II took the throne, Caldeum entered a decline. Hakan's reign was ineffectual—poverty worsened, tensions between the Zakarum, Mage Clans, and Trade Consortium Council rose, and there was apparently nothing Hakan could (or would) do to stop it.[4] It is known that at some point that Hakan was possessed by Belial, who used him as his vessel in the mortal realm.

By 1285, the situation had become dire. Hakan was acting increasingly paranoid. He ordered all of his staff to leave the city, and threatened to throw them off the walls if they refused to obey.[3] At this time, the town of Alcarnus was destroyed by the Coven, and its inhabitants slaughtered. After this, Hakan sealed the city, created a new Imperial Guard to carry out the task, and left the Iron Wolves to deal with the growing refugee problem. He eventually captured Leah, forcing the Nephalem to rescue her. Hakan presented himself as a naive puppet, believing the Imperial Guard's lies that Leah and the Nephalem were responsible for the massacre of innocent civilians at Alcarnus.

When the Nephalem went in search of Zoltun Kulle's remains, Emperor Hakan communicated with them via a magical projection, which he claimed to be generating using an amulet he purloined off the Vizjerei ambassador. Hakan apologized for his earlier treatment, explaining that it was a necessary ruse to prevent Belial from learning that the emperor was on to him. Hakan proceeded to communicate with the Nephalem at regular intervals, offering updates on his own quest to find Belial's host.

When the Nephalem recreates Kulle's body and retrieved the Black Soulstone, Belial begins to rain fire down upon Caldeum, hoping to kill his foes and continue his lies. Leah and Adria managed to strike down the gates of the Palace, and they confronted the Emperor. When Hakan asked to see the Black Soulstone, the Nephalem that they had figured out that Hakan himself is Belial's host. Belial let himself be known to the world and battle ensued. In the end, Belial was sealed in the soulstone, and Hakan killed in the process.[5]

Personality and TraitsEdit

As an infant, Hakan was described as a "sweet child."[6]


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