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Hakan II
Hakan II
Title Emperor of Kehjistan
Gender Male
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Affiliation Kehjistan
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Relatives Hakan I (father)
Appearances Diablo III
"I detest violence. Guards, I will leave this matter in your hands."
– Hakan II ordering the death of Leah

Hakan II, Emperor of Kehjistan is the young monarch of the Kehjistani Empire, the dominant state of Sanctuary's eastern continent. He maintained his court at Caldeum, the "Jewel of the East", in contrast with previous emperors but in keeping with his father's policy. He appears in Act II of Diablo III.

Early LifeEdit

Hakan II is the only known child of his predecessor, Emperor Hakan I. He may have been illegitimate, given that he was only found through the use of extensive Zakarum rituals. The Zakarum worked closely with Iron Wolves to find him. When his father fell ill and died, Hakan II was named the Emperor of Kehjistan. For their role in finding him, Emperor Hakan II elevated the Iron Wolves to act as his imperial guard, charged with policing and defending Caldeum and the surrounding Dry Steppes.


Although there was initially great relief the empire would remain stable, in recent months, many have come to think of Hakan II as incompetent, weak, and unfit for rule. Kehjistan has fallen into a dark age, with cities and towns being wiped out and sightings of horrific creatures becoming more and more common.

Siege of CaldeumEdit

Shortly after the young emperor took power, he found himself being besieged by Belial, the Lord of Lies, and his Coven. The leader of the Coven, Maghda, slaughtered almost every person in Alcarnus and used it as a base camp for the attack on Caldeum. After this happened, Emperor Hakan II sealed the city, supicious that anyone who entered was a spy of Belial. He created a new Imperial Guard to seal the city, leaving the Iron Wolves to deal with the growing refugee problem. He eventually captured Leah, forcing the hero to rescue her. Hakan presented himself as a naive puppet, believing the Imperial Guard's lies that Leah and the hero were responsible for the massacre of innocent civilians at Alcarnus.

When the hero went in search of Zoltun Kulle's remains, Emperor Hakan communicated with them via a magical projection, which he claims to be generating using an amulet he purloined off the Vizjerei ambassador. Hakan apologizes for his earlier treatment, explaining that it was a necessary ruse to prevent Belial from learning that the emperor was on to him. Hakan proceeds to communicate with the hero at regular intervals, offering updates on his own quest to find Belial's host.

Scouring and Fall Edit

When the hero recreates Zoltun Kulle's body and retrieves the Black Soulstone, Belial begins to rain fire down upon Caldeum, hoping to kill the hero and continue his lies. Leah and Adria manage to strike down the gates of the Palace, and they confront the Emperor. When Hakan asks to see the Black Soulstone, the hero reveals that they have figured out that Hakan himself is Belial's host. The hero is forced to kill Emperor Hakan to destroy Belial.


The circumstances of Hakan II being possessed by Belial are not revealed during the Diablo III storyline. It is therefore not known if the Coven, the Deceivers or the Zakarum had anything to do with it. It is also not made explicit when the possession took place. It is quite likely that Hakan was possessed before the heroes ever arrived in Caldeum, though it is possible that at least one of his appearances to the player was one of his last as an independent being.

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