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Gender Male
Race (Undead) human[1]
Affiliation High Heavens
Class Warrior[1]
Occupation Blacksmith
Status Deceased
Appearances Diablo II
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls
To Hell and Back

Halbu is a resident of the Pandemonium Fortress. His faith is unshakable, and he comes across as being a zealot.[1]


To Hell and BackEdit


Halbu kneeling down in prayer

Halbu was present in the Pandemonium Fortress during the arrival of a group of mortal heroes who were pursuing Diablo.[1] He and Jamella had come to the fortress with the explicit intent of helping the heroes.[2] While not working in his shop, he prayed fervently for their success.[1] (which they achieved).[3]

Reaper of SoulsEdit

"The fortress has changed since then. Its new master did not suffer our presence for long."

- Halbu(src)

Capture halbu

Jamalla and Halbu

Halbu and Jamella were within the Pandemonium Fortress when Malthael chose it as his abode. Both of them were killed. However, they remained in ghostly form, where they aided the Nephalem.[2]


Appears in: Diablo II
Significance: Minor
Service(s): Trade and Repair services
Residence(s): Pandemonium Fortress
Starts quest(s): None
Portrayed by:

Diablo IIEdit

In Diablo II, Halbu is one of the two NPC merchants found in the Pandemonium Fortress of Act IV. Like his counterpart Jamella, he speaks very little, never offering advice or opinions on any quests. Halbu's only words are spoken, and selected from a variety of short phrases. He offers one each time a particular character returns to town.

Despite his near-silence, Halbu is a very useful NPC. He sells a wide variety of armor and weapons, along with bolts and arrows. He also handles the repair tasks in Act IV. When not engaged with the player, Halbu can often be seen kneeling in prayer.


  • "Hail to you, Champion."
  • "What do you need?"
  • "Hello."

Diablo IIIEdit

Halbu appears as a ghost in Act V of Diablo III, on level 1 of the Pandemonium Fortress. They give the player(s) a quest to destroy a Scavenger and soul-harvesting devices.


  • "The fortress has changed since then. It's new master did not suffer our presence for long." ("About the Spirits")


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