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"Single hand crossbows tend to be less damaging than comparable two-handed bows and crossbows. When demon hunters wield them as a pair, they can fill the air with a continuous salvo of arrows."

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Hand Crossbows are a Demon Hunter-exclusive ranged weapon type in Diablo III. Unlike normal crossbows, hand crossbows are one-handed and therefore can be dual wielded, although nothing prevents a Demon Hunter from wearing it with a quiver or even with a shield (but not with any other weapon). Hand Crossbows are rapid-fire and generally low-damage weapons, designed for those Demon Hunters who value attack speed.

Hand Crossbows may roll Hatred regeneration and maximum Hatred and Discipline (Discipline being a secondary stat) in addition to normal weapon affixes. With Archery skill, a Demon Hunter will gain +5% Critical Hit chance for equipping a Hand Crossbow, regardless of if he or she has one or two of them, and additional +1 Hatred per second if wielding two.

Hand crossbows may not be transmogrified into any other item type.

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