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Hardcore AchievementsEdit

Top LevelEdit


Description Value


Rite Of Passage Reach level 10 in Hardcore mode. 10 Banner Shape
Mighty And Magical Reach level 20 in Hardcore mode. 10 Banner Pattern
Demon Slayer Reach level 30 in Hardcore mode. 10 Banner Accent
Fearless Veteran Reach level 40 in Hardcore mode. 10 Banner Sigil
Forged In Fire Reach level 50 in Hardcore mode. 10 -
Hero of Sanctuary Reach level 60 in Hardcore mode. 10 -

Above And Beyond

Reach level 70 in Hardcore mode. 10

Banner Sigil

Trophy Hunting Kill each type of rare enemy in Hardcore mode. 10 Banner Sigil
We Are The Champions Kill each type of champion in Hardcore mode. 10 Banner Sigil

Act IEdit

Act IIEdit

Act IIIEdit

Act IVEdit

Act VEdit



Total Value


Catching Fire



Banner Shape

I Knew You Were Trouble - 10 Banner Shape
May His Death Satisfy You - 10 Banner Shape
Cinder, My Regards - 10 -
Really Most Sincerely Dead - 10 -
I Am Become Death - 10 -
Burninating - 10 -
What The Hex? - 10 -
Defying Death - 10 -
No Time For Losers - 40 Banner Sigil
The Trophy Life - 40 Banner Shape
Irreplaceable You - 40 Banner Pattern

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