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"Obey all laws, and Hashir will always welcome you."

One of the inhabitants of Hashir(src)

Hashir was a medium-sized city in the Eastern lands of Sanctuary. Though similar in style as Toraja, Hashir was perhaps only half was big.

Hashir was in many ways the foundation of Toraja: in ages past, adventurers had set out from Hashir to found Toraja. Hashir featured the same tree-lined streets as Toraja, only without the small simian creatures nestling in their tops. In stead, different varieties of colorful birds populated their foliage. The city's central market place was a popular area for would-be prophets to preach for anyone who would hear.

The jungle lion was the patron symbol of Hashir. Stylized versions perched atop many a column or gateway. Being a fair-sized city, Hashir also housed a temple of the Triune cult.[1]

Known InhabitantsEdit


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