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Healing is the act of increasing a player's current hitpoints to a higher value, or to a maximum value. There are several ways of healing:

  • talking to an NPC that can heal;
  • attacking with a weapon that leeches life from a monster. An amount of healing per hit. As well, the Necromancer's Life Tap curse gives this bonus to anybody attacking the affected monster or player. As well, Blood Golem has a very powerful built-in Life Leech that also heals the Necromancer, as well as the golem, for a small amount of life for each successful attack made by the Blood Golem. These two effects do stack, so combining them can be quite potent if one decides to specialize in the Blood Golem, since the Life Leech via the Blood Golem scales with the amount of skill points invested.
  • wearing an item that replenishes life. Healing over time;
  • using a rejuvenation potion, partial or full instant heal;
  • using a healing potion. Note that healing potions heals over time instead of giving an instant heal.
  • using the Healing spell in Diablo I.
  • walking over a Health Orb in Diablo III.
  • Be under the effect of the Paladin's Prayer, a level 1 aura found in the Defensive Auras tab, or Cleansing/Meditation (with at least 1 point in Prayer), a level 12 and 24 aura found in the same tree. It should be noted that, with most auras, you must be within a certain distance from the Paladin in order to receive the effect, or, of course, 'be' the Paladin. Another note is that Prayer is the only aura that actually costs mana, whereas Cleansing and Meditation heals for free, since it gains synergies from Prayer so that it heals as well as reduces poison and curse length. It must be noted that Prayer is a prerequisite for Cleansing and Meditation.
  • Using the Paladin's Holy Bolt Combat skill on an ally. This skill can be also used against the undead as a means of attack, but ONLY on the undead; using it on a Demon, for example, will have no effect.

Healing is actually the opposite of dealing damage.

Unlike most RPG's, there aren't many ways of directly healing other characters in Diablo II. While the Paladin and Necromancer each have pretty effective ways of healing themselves and other party members, other classes will have to find other ways to heal themselves if these classes aren't available.

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