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For other uses, see Heal.

Healing uses mana to restore health. The amount healed is random but is higher as spell level is increased. The mana cost is also reduced at higher levels.

This spell will undoubtedly prove invaluable to a hero as he/she journeys deeper into the labyrinth of Tristram. The reason for this, especially if the player happens to be a Sorcerer, is that as the spell's level increases, it starts to become more efficient than partial healing potions. These partial healing potions can then be replaced with mana potions, something that will prove to be inevitable anyway, given the nature of some of the advanced tactics for each class.

The cost of a hero's Healing is as follows:

Mana cost = 8 + (clvl*2) - (slvl*3)


The art of self healing is an invaluable ability, and it is for this reason that this spell has been preserved throughout the ages. When cast, Mana courses through the body, instantly knitting broken bone, replacing torn tissue and reducing the effects of shock and fatigue. With time, this spell can be developed to the point that it can instantly restore even those on the brink of death. The ability to heal others is much rarer, and those that can do so are greatly respected.


  • Book - spell level +1
  • Scroll
  • Staff - a unique staff (The Protector) contains healing charges
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