For the quest item from Diablo I, see Heavenly Stone (Diablo I).

Heavenly Stones are a type of Elite class-specific Orbs, used by the Sorceress in Diablo II. They are the Elite versions of the normal Eagle Orbs and the exceptional Glowing Orbs.

Sorceress Orbs will also receive an Auto Mod that can either increase her Life or Mana.


  • Damage: 21 - 46 (33.5 Avg)
  • Level Requirement: 44
  • Strength Requirement: None
  • Dexerity Requirement: None
  • Durability: 20
  • Sockets: 2
  • Magic Level: 1
  • Fast Attack Speed [-10]
  • Quality Level: 59

(Sorceress Only)

Name Origin Edit

The Heavenly Stone, as the name implies, seems to be a piece of rock that has been fixed on a wooden shaft, as can be seen from the item graphic. It seems that Heavenly in the Diablo context can either refer to the Stronghold of Light - the High Heavens, or just random space rocks or meteorites that find its way to Sanctuary from the Dark Void.

The more magically inclined people of Sanctuary regard almost anything from the skies as brimming with high spiritual power due to its exposure to other-worldly elements during its journey in the Dark Void. As such, powerful Sorceresses may be able to channel these ley energies through these Heavenly Stones.

The Heavenly Stone's name also seems to have a connection with its lower counterparts, its relation to the sky - Eagle Orb and its enlightening nature - Glowing Orb. It can be assumed that the Heavenly Stone has the combined power of these two aforementioned Orbs.

See also Edit

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