The Hell Forge Hammer is an infernal tool held by the vile smith, Hephasto the Armorer. It has the power to dent even the hardest metals and shatter the legendary Soulstones. It is a quest item used in the Hell's Forge quest, where the player must destroy Mephisto's Soulstone on the Hellforge.

The quest item can also be used as a weapon. It's not very useful compared to the damage of other melee weapons by the time most characters are up to Act IV, but because it has no requirements, it's a popular weapon for people to give to their brand new level 1 characters.



Hell Forge Hammer
One-Hand Damage: 6 to 15
Durability: 55 of 55
Mace Class - Fast Attack Speed
Adds 5-20 fire damage
+35 Defense
Fire Resist +40%
+50% Damage to Undead



The Hellforge Hammer.

The Hellforge Hammer is the mythical Hammer that forged the Demonic Runeblade, Shadowfang. It has powers rivaling those of the Horadric Malus itself. Its name is taken from Hell's Forge itself, the Hellforge.

The Hellforge Hammer is referenced in Diablo I during the initiating dialog of the Anvil of Fury quest. But Griswold's description seems to exaggerate the Hellforge Hammer's abilities. That could be due to the fact that the Hammer ultimately requires a skilled blacksmith, and that it is too demonic in nature to wield to its fullest effect by a human. It might also be that, to Griswold, it was only a legend that had been exggerated over time.

The hammer has characteristics related to Hell, such as Fire Resist and Fire Damage.

Other versionsEdit

Possibly due to a coding oversight, it may also be possible to alter it better by imbuing it or socketing it with a rune word.

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