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The Hellfire Ring is a craftable legendary ring in Diablo III. Its affixes roll for level 60, but the ring itself requires character level 1 to be used.

Note that while Hellfire Rings come in five variations, they are all called simply "Hellfire Ring".

Stats (Level 60)Edit

Hellfire Ring

Hellfire Ring
Legendary Ring

  • +170–200 Strength
  • Increases Bonus Experience by 35%
  • Chance to launch an explosive ball of Hellfire when you attack
  • +4 Random Magic Properties

"Crafted of trophies ripped from vanquished foes, none can deny the bravery of a hero who wears a Hellfire Ring."


The Hellfire Ring can be crafted using the Design: Hellfire Ring, 50,000 gold, 1 Vengeful Eye, 1 Devil's Fang, and 1 Writhing Spine.

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