"The bestial hellions are demons that can be summoned from the Burning Hells with the aid of foul sorcery. They are given to chasing down their foes and attacking them with savage fangs. This usually allows some spare time for their masters to craft their dark spell work and finish off the victim."

Deckard Cain(src)

A Hellion

Hellions are demonic hounds encountered in Diablo III.


They are found in various locations of the first and second acts of Diablo III, from the first steps in Wortham to the eventual fight against Maghda. They have mild movement speed. 

Hellions can either appear normally, or be summoned by Summoner and Conjurer variants of the Dark Cultists. Cultists may also increase damage of one Hellion by channeling a beam of dark energy onto it.



A Dark Hellion

  • Yeth (Road to Alcarnus)


Tome This page contains obsolete content
This article contains information that is no longer relevant to gameplay, but is kept here for informational purposes.

A Dark Demon

Dark Demons were a pre-release variant of Hellions. These odd, half-skeletal creatures were summoned from raw, red manhole-like openings in the ground by Dark Cultists.

They were quadrupedal, and looked a bit like dogs crossed with crocodiles, then turned inside out. They were quick of foot, but appear to have possessed only melee attacks.

In the debut gameplay trailer, it was narrated that the Demonspawn summoned by Dark Cultists were not easy to kill, even though the Dark Demons were very quickly dispatched. This may indicate that the Dark Demons in the trailer were greatly powered down, or that the player character had already reached a level so high that the power of Dark Demons were insignificant before him. Exactly how difficult it would be to face a Dark Demon is currently unknown.

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