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Hellions are Demon hounds invoked by the cultists of Maghda's Dark Coven.
A Dark Hellion.
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They are found in various locations of Act I and Act II, from the first steps in Wortham to the eventual fight against Maghda.
Hellions have four variants : Dark Hellions, Vicious Hellions, Accursed Hellions and Frenzied Hellions.


Dark Hellion/Vicious HellionEdit

Levels : 13/35/51/61
Found in : Wortham, Leoric's Hunting Grounds, Leoric's Manor, Halls of Agony

Accursed HellionEdit

Levels : 17/39/45/62
Found in : Sundered Canyon, Black Canyon Mines, Stinging Winds, Secret Altar, Road to Alcarnus

Frenzied HellionEdit

Levels : 18/39/55/62
Found in : Howling Plateau, Secret Altar, Road to Alcarnus, Alcarnus

Appearance and BehaviorEdit

Hellions are houndlike, vicious demons that will fight any enemy with rabid fury. Their speed is mild - their deformedly small legs and scythe-like front 'paws' have hard time carrying their rotten bodies efficiently. Their abdomen is nothing more than an exposed ribcage, and their heads sport three large horns. They do not seem to have eyes, but no one to date has ventured close enough to the beasts vicious jaw to confirm.

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