Helm of Spirits is the correct title of this Crown-looking Helm, "Sprits" is assumed to be a typo.

Despite the very limited bonuses, this item is the only way to obtain Life Steal on anything but a Weapon in addition to The Undead Crown in Diablo I, and as such it is a very popular helm for Warriors who desire to free up the suffix slot of their weapon for Speed/Haste, for a combination of quick healing with their fast swinging.

Unfortunately, it is enormously difficult to find one. Almost every monster that can drop a Unique Helm will drop the Fool's Crest or the Overlord's Helm. Due to the way the Monster Levels and Quest Levels interact, the best way to find one of these is to repeatedly run The Butcher on Nightmare difficulty. The odds are still terrible since he does not drop unique helms very often, but it is still possible.

The Helm of Spirits' image is that of a Crown also when dropped to the ground.


Helm Of Spirits

Helm of Spirits

  • Armor Class: 4-6
  • Hit steals 5% Life
  • Requirements: 25 Strength
  • Durability: 30
  • Quality level: 4
  • Availability: Single Player and Multiplayer

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