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Hone Sundan is a unique Yari.

It has a very high chance of Crushing Blow, and the fact that it is socketed gives Hone Sundan customization options.

Due to its high chance of Crushing Blow and three sockets, this spear is a very versatile weapon for Desert Mercenaries. Often, two Shael Runes are used to reach the 6.5 fps attack rate, and either an Amn or Nef Rune as they are cheap, but possess abilities that are good for a mercenary. Of course, there are plenty of good options if a player wishes to use high runes instead.



Hone Sundan

Two-Hand Damage: (95-107) To (193-217)
Durability: 28
Required Level: 37
Required Strength: 101
Spear Class - Slow Attack Speed
+160-200% Enhanced Damage
Adds 20-40 Damage
45% Chance of Crushing Blow
Repairs 1 Durability In 10 Seconds
Socketed (3)


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • The spear's name means "Bone Cutter" in Japanese.
  • This item is one of many having Asian-themed names, indicating an as yet unexplored Asian-themed civilization focusing on Archers, most probably concentrated in the region of Xiansai.

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