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Horazon was a former mage of the Vizjerei clan. He believed that demons of the Burning Hells could be broken and used by mortals. In time, however, the denizens of Hell grew tired of this mortal's meddling and made to destroy him. Horazon, however, was prepared; he escaped safely into the Arcane Sanctuary, from which he continued to break demons and watch over events in Sanctuary. He was a brother to the Vizjerei mage Bartuc.

The Sin WarEdit

While the Vizjerei sorcerers had a long history of practicing the elemental magics, they are most notable for the two renegade magi, the brothers Horazon and Bartuc, who experimented with demonic magic that tore the Vizjerei apart. Bartuc, later known as the Warlord of Blood sought to ally himself with the forces of Evil while Horazon enslaved demons to his will. In the end Horazon realized they were both being duped by Evil and gathered his forces to kill Bartuc. The Vizjerei worked with the Priests of Rathma to ensure that Bartuc would not be able to rise again. Bartuc's head and body were separated and sealed into two different caves. The Warlord of Blood later appears below Tristam, while Bartuc later appears in the form of a Council Member as a minion of Baal at the end of Act V, so it is unsure whether either of these are the same as the original Bartuc.

Following this was the establishment of the Viz-Jaqtaar—also known as the Order of the Mage Slayers, or Assassins—who were to act against any magi who might achieve a similar depth of corruption.

Lord of Terror's ReturnEdit

Horazon monitored the imprisonment of Baal within Tal Rasha's Tomb. He wrote down his observations in his journal and provided clues for adventurers seeking the True Tomb amongst the six False Tombs.

During the time of Diablo's resurgence, it was doubted Horazon still lived. Adventurers fought their way through hordes of demons running rampant in the Arcane Sanctuary. There they discovered a dark impersonator: one of the Vizjerei sorcerers that attempted to save Tristram (the playable Sorcerer character from Diablo I) who had been corrupted and styled himself The Summoner. He was slain by the adventurers. Cain suggested that impersonator was pulled down to Hell by the forces of Evil after his death.

Others suggest that it was Horazon's spirit that possessed the sorcerer. Horazon's final fate remains unknown.

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