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Horker, The Gold Find Barbarian, or Gambler is a barbarian build that specializes in finding gold and gambling.

Basic factsEdit

  • It makes sense to gamble only if your character is at least level 93.
  • Best way to make money is killing Travincal council.
  • Character level is the only thing that matters in gambling.


20 points:

8-10 points

1 point:

Remaining points go to Iron Skin.

Stats Edit

  • Strength: enough to wear the heaviest item.
  • Dexterity: just like strength
  • Vitality: rest
  • Energy: none

Items Edit








  • rare/crafted 70% extra gold from monsters amulet, preferably with + to all resistances attribute.





  • Edge Rune Word in low dex required 3 socketed bow - it gives you Reduces All Vendor Prices 15% when gambling

Mercenary Edit

Gold find procedure Edit

  • Make sure all your gold is in the stash.
  • Take Travincal waypoint.
  • use War Cries skills and
    • Run to the council.
    • If Mercenary has left behind - enter Durance of Hate and re-enter Travincal.
    • Kill council members with Whirlwind.
      • Use Berserk to kill physical resistants.
      • Use Frenzy to kill mana burnings.
  • Switch to extra gold weapons.
  • Search all bodies with Find items skill.
  • Pick up all money and presumably valuable items.
  • Repeat until you can't carry any more gold.
  • Go gambling.

Gambling Edit

  • Wear Edge bow
  • Go to Alkor and gamble - best items to gamble are: tiaras/coronets/circlets, amulets, rings, gloves, boots and belts.

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