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Humbart Wessel is a non-combat pet in Diablo III, added in patch 2.4.1. He drops from Menagerist Treasure Goblins.

It is the very same skull that originally traveled alongside Zayl the Necromancer,

Is this skull wreathed in a purple haze? A brave warrior with many opinions, Humbart journeys still through the mortal plane, sharing his version of wit and wisdom.


Humbart Wessel was a veteran fighter from Westmarch, making a living as a mercenary captain.

Humbart journeyed with Gregus Mazi to Ureh, and later wrote a scroll describing his travels. Centuries later, Quov Tsin found Humbart's scroll during his research and collection of everything about Gregus Mazi and his magical investigations.

Humbart died, but Zayl the Necromancer used his powers on Humbart's skull and it became Zayl's personal companion and magical off-hand tool. Zayl keeps Humbart's talking skull inside his belt pouch.

Humbart's Scroll reads as follows:

On the seventh day, near dusk, the passage began, Master Mazi again approached the edge of the ruins. Says I to him, that this quest’s seen no good end and we should go, but he says he’s certain this time. The shadow will touch at just the right angle. It has to.
Master Mazi promised much gold to us and another offer none there’d take, however worthy any might think themselves. Fly up to Heaven... older now, I still wouldn’t have taken it.
The shadow came like he said, Nymyr's hand reaching out for old Ureh. We watched, certain as before that we’d been on a fool's quest. Aah, what fools we were to believe that!
I recall the shadow. I recall the shimmering. How the ruins suddenly looked alive again. How the lights glowed inside! Swear I still will that I heard the voices of folk, but couldn't see any!
"I’m coming..." Those were Master Mazi's last words, but not to us, though. I remember them still, and I remember how we thought we saw the glitter of the gold that he’d told us about again and again—but not one man would enter. Not one man would follow. Master Mazi went it alone.
We camped there, hearing the voices, hearing some of them call to us, it seemed. None of us would go, though. Tomorrow, I says to the others, tomorrow when Master Mazi comes out and shows all's well, we'll go in and get our fill. One night, it won't matter.
And in the morning, all we saw were ruins. No lights. No voices. No Master Mazi. Lord Hyram, I write this down like I agreed and it goes to the Zakarum— (scroll ends abruptly, since Quov Tsin didn't need the rest of the report)[1]


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