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Manipulates a strong force of wind to surround your character.
Class Druid
Skill Tree Elemental Skills
Level 30
Prerequisites Arctic Blast, Cyclone Armor, Twister, Tornado
Damage Type Cold
Mana Cost 30
Other Stats Casting Delay: 6 seconds
Synergies Cyclone Armor, Twister, Tornado
Hurricane is a Druid Skill in Diablo II.


Particularly talented Druids can summon this most potent gale of devastation. A fierce storm wreaks havoc around him, while the Druid stays cradled within the gentle calm of its eye.

General InformationEdit

This skill creates a hurricane that surrounds the caster, periodically damaging enemies that come within its radius. It does do cold damage though, so it can be resisted much easier than Tornado, but is still a very effective skill.


Skill ProgressionEdit

Mana Cost: 30
Duration: 10 seconds
Radius: 6 yards

Level 1234567891011
Cold Damage 25-50 32-57 39-65 45-71 53-78 60-85 67-92 74-99 84-109 94-119 104-129

Level 12131415161718192025
Cold Damage 114-139 124-149 134-159 144-169 154-179 166-191 178-203 213-223 233-243
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