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Husoldal Evo is a unique Bec-De-Corbin from Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

Besides its high damage, Husoldal Evo has an interesting set of bonuses; not only does it prevent enemies from recovering life, it gives the player a boost to their own life replenishing. Combined with items such as Manald Heal, a player can raise their life replenishment to very useful levels, especially when combined of the effects of an aura such as Prayer.



Husoldal Evo

Two-Hand Damage: (53-59) To (253-287)
Required Level: 44
Required Strength: 133
Required Dexterity: 91
Durability: 55
Polearm Class - Normal Attack Speed
+160-200% Enhanced Damage
Adds 20-32 Damage
20% Increased Attack Speed
+200-250 To Attack Rating
Prevent Monster Heal
Replenish Life +20

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