Iben Fahd was a member of the original Horadrim.


Iben Fahd was the one to first realize the dangers Kanai's Cube posed, and spoke to the nine Horadrim against its further use, convincing most of them to hide the Cube.[1].

Iben Fahd also participated in assault on the Archives of Zoltun Kulle. His most significant task was to carry Zoltun Kulle's still-living head and blood away, and hide them as far as he can (in Desolate Sands and Dahlgur Oasis). He succeeded in sealing these in the Forgotten Ruins, Vault of the Assassin and Cave of the Betrayer, hoping that the world will never disturb neither the head nor the deranged wizard's blood.[2]


In Diablo III, several of the Kanai's Cube recipes bear his name: Anger, Pleasure, Wrath and Regret of Iben Fahd.

His journal can be found in Act II.


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