Illusion weaver death

Illusion Weaver dying

Illusion Weavers are a type of Hidden. They have learned to manipulate light itself.[1]


Illusion Weavers are the deadliest breed of the Hidden in Diablo I. In addition to the abilities of their lesser kin, Illusion Weavers are resistant to both magic and fire. Also, unlike their lesser kin, Illusion Weavers cannot be hit when they once more cloak themselves and move away after being wounded. These various abilities make them deadly and unpredictable foes.


  • Resistance: Magic, Fire
  • Immunity: No immunities.
  • Hit Points: 40-60
  • Damage: 16-24
VariantsHiddenStalkerUnseenIllusion Weaver

See alsoEdit

  • Black Death, the deadliest breed of zombie who are also yellow. Notable for permanently reducing HP by 1.


  1. The Awakening

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