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Immortal King

Immortal King

Immortal King

Partial Set BonusesEdit

+50 To Attack Rating (2 Items)
Additional +75 To Attack Rating (3 Items)
Additional +125 To Attack Rating (4 Items)
Additional +200 To Attack Rating (5 Items)

Complete Set BonusEdit

+3 To Barbarian Skill Levels
+450 To Attack Rating
+150 To Life
All Resistances +50
Magic Damage Reduced By 10
Display Aura

Notes: This Set is designed for the Barbarian, however any class can wear the items in this Set except for Immortal King's Will. Only the Barbarian can complete this Set.

When you complete this set you get a special aura that, although it does not do anything, makes your character look unique.


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Immortal King
Immortal King's Will (Avenger Guard) • Immortal King's Soul Cage (Sacred Armor) • Immortal King's Detail (War Belt) • Immortal King's Forge (War Gauntlets) • Immortal King's Pillar (War Boots) • Immortal King's Stone Crusher (Ogre Maul)
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