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Immortal King's Detail is a set war belt in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. It is one of the six pieces of the Immortal King item set.

It is a fairly good belt by itself, offering good resistances and a healthy bonus to strength. Extra set pieces add greatly to its power — particularly its faster hit recovery and its massive 20% reduction to damage taken.


Immortal King's Detail
War Belt

Defense: 89 (Base Defense: 41-52)
Defense: 194 (Base Defense: 41-52)
Defense: 247 (Base Defense: 41-52)
Required Level: 29
Required Strength: 110
Durability: 24
16 Boxes

+36 Defense
Lightning Resist +31%
Fire Resist +28%
+25 To Strength

+105 Defense (2 Items)
+25% Faster Hit Recovery (3 Items)
+100% Enhanced Defense (4 Items)
Damage Reduced By 20% (5 Items)
+2 To Masteries (Barbarian Only) (Complete Set)

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