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This article contains information that is no longer relevant to gameplay, but is kept here for informational purposes.
For other uses of inferno, see Inferno.

Inferno is the fourth, final, and hardest Difficulty in Diablo III.

The lowest monster level found here will be 61, which is 1 level higher than the level 60-cap for player characters. Monsters will increase in with 1 level for every act, up to mlvl 63 in Act III. So in act I they will be 61 and in act II 62 and so on.

In addition, Life Steal % takes a serious hit of -80% in effectiveness compared to Normal difficulty. It is advisable to either go all out on damage and Life Steal % or just grab other means of healing.


Inferno difficulty will have unique rewards that can only be found in that difficulty.


Diablo 3 - Inferno Difficulty - Announcement03:08

Diablo 3 - Inferno Difficulty - Announcement

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