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Infernostride are unique Demonhide Boots in Diablo II. Like its Normal parallel, Hotspur, Infernostride gives a large bonus to Fire Resist, as well as a bonus to Fire damage that may be useful to physical fighters.



Demonhide Boots

Defense: 94-105
Durability: 12 of 12
Required Strength: 20
Required Level: 29
5% Chance to cast level 8 Blaze when struck
+20% Faster Run/Walk
Adds 12-33 Fire damage
+120-150% Enhanced Defense
+15 Defense
+10% to Maximum Fire Resist
Fire Resist +30%
40-70% Extra Gold from Monsters
+2 to Light Radius

Unique Boots
Normal Boots — Hotspur (Boots) • Gorefoot (Heavy Boots) • Treads of Cthon (Chain Boots) • Goblin Toe (Light Plated Boots) • Tearhaunch (Greaves)
Exceptional Boots — Infernostride (Demonhide Boots) • Waterwalk (Sharkskin Boots) • Silkweave (Mesh Boots) • War Traveler (Battle Boots) • Gore Rider (War Boots)
Elite Boots — Sandstorm Trek (Scarabshell Boots) • Marrowwalk (Boneweave Boots) • Shadow Dancer (Myrmidon Greaves)

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