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Iratha's Cord is a set heavy belt in Diablo II. It is one of the four pieces of the Iratha's Finery item set.

Iratha's Cord is very useful, even for a stand-alone item. It comes with solid defense and increases your minimum damage by 5, acting as a small version of Bloodfist.

The potential of the item is shown when the user has collected 2 pieces to this set, the belt then gives the wearer +10 to Dexterity.


Iratha's Coil
Heavy Belt

Defense: 31 (Base Defense: 6)
Required Level: 15
Required Strength: 45
Durability: 18
12 Potion Boxes

+25 Defense
+5 To Minimum Damage

+10 To Dexterity (2 Items)

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