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Iratha's Finery is an item set in Diablo II.

The complete bonuses from this set are extremely useful, given the 10% max to all resistances, it can be coupled with other items, such as Guardian Angel to reach the maximum 95% resists.

Collecting all the item pieces, it grants +65% to all resistances and +25 to Dexterity total from the other pieces.

For Classic characters, this set is highly sought after.


Iratha's Finery

Partial Set BonusEdit

+50 To Defense (2 Items)
20% Faster Run/Walk (3 Items)

Complete Set BonusEdit

+50 To Defense
20% Faster Run/Walk
+15 To Dexterity
10% To Maximum Poison Resist
10% To Maximum Cold Resist
10% To Maximum Lightning Resist
10% To Maximum Fire Resist
All Resistances +20

Iratha's Finery

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