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Iskatu is the very first demon encountered in Act IV of Diablo III. Diablo ordered Iskatu to ambush the nephalem in the Vestibule of Light.

He primarily attacks by summoning hordes of Shadow Vermin that attack the player from all sides. Once a hero reaches a high enough level, however, Iskatu will possess desecration capabilities. Abilities that can be used on multiple enemies at once is essential to surviving this fight. Iskatu himself isn't all that tough without his minions backing him, and should go down easily once you've polished off his the Shadow Vermin.

His model is a recolored version of the Aspects of Terror that are encountered later on in the Silver Spire.

A warning players will want to consider is that the debuff Iskatu (as well as all other Terror Demons) inflicts on a successful hit will reduce the effectiveness of all sources of healing. Players dependent on life regen may want to tread carefully, or risk death.

Aspect of Terror, Diablo's Herald
The original model of the Aspect of Terror
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  • "I do not fear you, nephalem. You'll find only death in this eternal realm."
  • "The armies of hell will trample your corpses - the shades will devour your souls!
  • "You believe you can defeat me, mortal? Our armies are ENDLESS!"
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