The following is a list of notable lines by Itherael.

The Veiled ProphetEdit

"I say it is time to vote", Imperius rumbled, utterly ignoring him.
"Let it be so.", interjected a gray-clad angel who seemed neither male nor female in aspect, "Let this be done."
Auriel leaned back in clear disappointment. Imperius, on the other hand, appeared satisfied. It was he who spoke to the next, the gray-clad one who had previously spoken. "Itherael, what verdict do you give?"
There was a pause, as if the fourth angel considered hard this question. "They are the get of Angels and Demons, with the taint and promise inherent ... Left to grow, they might become more monstrous than anything rising from the Burning Hells."
"And so they must be destroyed!", Imperius insisted.
Itherael raised a finger, "But they also have the greatest potential to serve the Light ... A potential that could surpass our own roles ... And so I vote that they be given their chance."
Mendeln's hopes rose. The angels were at a stalemate.
"No," agreed Mephisto, who seemed to take relish in watching Imperius's reaction when the angel realized that the pair agreed with each other. "That firstborn," he added, meaning Rathma, "and his kind ... they may remember, for they are few, and their day is already over. The rest, though ... if they are to grow, they must begin at the beginning."
From the background, Itherael responded, "He is correct."

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