235px-Jar of Souls

Jar of Souls

Jar of Souls is an Event quest that can appear in one of the false Defiled Crypts located in the Cemetery of the Forsaken. Players must engage in a "King of the Hill" type encounter with Skeletons and Skeletal Executioners for 1 minute. The low XP reward for this quest is compensated by the fact that the spawned mobs give XP when killed. Although it is not required to complete the event quest, in order to maximize experience players should engage the spawns instead of kiting them.

For one full minute, Skeletons will pour out of every available entrance. Surviving until the time runs out will grant the reward. Because of the low health of the monsters, area of effect abilities will be most effective, possibly killing a huge number of them in one hit.

Total RewardsEdit

  • Experience
  • Gold
  • Bunch of magic and rare items

Quest StartEdit

  • Activate the Jar of Souls.


Survive the skeletons raised by the Jar of SoulsEdit

  • Stay alive until the timer runs out.
  • Kill the monsters that spawn.

When you touch the Jar, it will start spawning Skeletons of various types at increasing rate, and will continue to do so for 1 minute. They spawn endlessly, so it is advised to control their numbers, lest you may be outnumbered. In the end, the Jar will spawn Tartus, a Unique Wraith. To finish the event, you need to kill all skeletons and Tartus, then click the Jar.

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