For the weapon class, see Javelins.

Javelins are Throwing Weapons of the Javelins weapon class. They are the weakest javelin type weapons, but have a faster attack speed than all the other weapons in their category save Throwing Spears. For Amazons specializing in the Javelin and Spear Skills, this means that javelins are often the best weapon for a significant portion of Normal difficulty: most of their damage comes from the skills, not their weapons, so attack speed is more important to damage output than raw damage per hit.



Throw Damage: 6 to 14
Melee Damage: 1 to 5
Melee Range: 2
Stack: 60
Attack Speed: Very Fast (Amazon, Assassin) / Fast Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, Paladin, Sorceress)
Quality Level: 1

See alsoEdit

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Exceptional Javelins — War JavelinGreat PilumSimbilanSpiculumHarpoon
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