Jekangbord is a Legendary Crusader Shield in Diablo III. It requires character level 31 to drop.

The special affix allows Blessed Shield to ricochet to up to 10 total enemies (including the primary target). However, it still cannot hit an enemy it has already hit. On Piercing Shield rune, has no effect.

It can still roll increased Blessed Shield damage as a normal affix (10-15% extra).

Stats (Level 31)Edit


Legendary Crusader Shield

  • 288-359 Armor


  • +10.0–20.0% Chance to Block
  • (236–295)–(283–413) Block Amount
  • +128–163 Strength
  • Blessed Shield deals 225-300% increased damage and ricochets to 6 additional enemies.
  • +4 Random Magic Properties

"Centuries ago, the mysterious and morbid warrior Jekang found staunch allies among the crusaders of Zakarum. He fought alongside that order for many years, and when he left for lands unknown, he made a parting gift of his grim tower shield." —Rennold's Catalogue of Arms


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